Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Going Blonde When You Have Fine Hair

Over the past couple of years, I'd debated whether or not to go from my natural mid-brown colour to blonde. I was getting bored of my colour, but as my hair is super fine, I was concerned that the bleach, and regular maintenance, would be too much for my hair to take.

However in March last year, after talking through things with my hairdresser, I was reassured enough to take the plunge. I was advised to gradually add more highlights until I got the coverage and tone I was happy with, rather than slap a load of bleach on in one sitting.

The top left picture is my original colour, whilst the top right is my hair after one set of highlights. After about 3-4 months, I got more added, taking the blonde to the more uniform, all-over colour that it is now (bottom pictures). I also got about 5 inches chopped off my hair, which has also helped it to retain strength and prevent further damage.

My hair gets greasy very easily, so I wash and condition it every day using products from John Frieda's blonde range. Not only do these products keep my hair looking healthy, they also preserve the colour so I don't need to get it dyed as often. My hairdresser also uses a toner each time it's dyed or cut, which does give my hair an ashy tint for about a week, but in the long run it keeps my hair looking bright and not brassy.

Going blonde was definitely a great decision - I feel it suits be better than my natural colour, and I always get complement on how nice it looks. If you have fine hair and want to take the plunge, I would recommend speaking to your hairdresser and getting it done professionally. They'll be able to make sure that the bleach is not too harsh for your hair, as well as ensuring it suits your skin tone and eyebrow colour. As long as you get regular trims, keep it conditioned and avoid over-dying, your hair will look strong and healthy. I actually think my hair looks thicker since going blonde too!

Are you tempted to have a colour change? Had any hair dye disasters?

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